Dream Home. Real Potential.

Chances are, you have dreamt of having a retreat home with a gorgeous, roomy interior and sweeping views of an amazing outdoor landscape. Steve Eby, owner of United Enterprises Construction, LLC, Greencastle, PA, has made that dream a post-frame reality for his own family and subsequently for the industry. His new stand-out residence was recently named first-place winner in the Residential Buildings category of the National Frame Building Association’s 2013 Building of the Year Awards. (Continue reading below gallery)

Indeed, Eby says that he loves his home’s open floor plan—the kitchen/dining/living room is about 45 ft. x 40 ft.—as well as the expansive view of mountains and a nearby ski resort. But as a construction expert, he also is quick to note post frame’s energy efficiency and durability.

The residence features 8–10 in. thermally broke walls to prevent heating and cooling transfer. The south-facing home has a steep-slope roof, so it is perfectly positioned for the installation of rooftop solar panels. The house also has a flexible design: its interior walls, which are non-load-bearing, can be moved if future structural changes are desired.

The home features veneer stone on both the exterior and interior, including on the master-bathroom whirlpool tub and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace; radiant floor heat; an outside wood furnace; a covered patio porch; and a garage located in the center of the house for easy access to the kitchen.

The floor is a 5-in. concrete slab on grade with a continuous concrete footing and masonry foundation walls. Because of its post-frame construction and energy efficiency, “this house sets us apart from other residential buildings in this area, as well as the competition,” Eby says. He predicts that his company will continue to build more post-frame homes, whether multifamily or single-family housing. “It doesn’t matter what type of residential housing you are doing,” Eby says, “because post-frame construction really fits any application and design.”

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