Post frame buildings

Post frame buildings from Xtreme Buildings, LLC are just what they sound like; they are extreme in many different ways. Our buildings are “Xtreme” in their high quality, structural capacity, energy efficiency, sustainability, longevity as well as economy. Xtreme Buildings offer great value for your project dollar.

Engineered Solutions

All Xtreme Buildings structures are designed by a registered engineer in the state where the project is to be built. These engineered solutions guarantee that your building will meet all code requirements and stand up to weather events and the test of time.

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All Xtreme buildings utilize concrete Perma Columns so that your wood posts are not buried into the ground where they will decay and fail. The concrete Perma Columns are installed in the concrete foundations and extend above the ground line. Our nail laminated wood posts are installed and bolted into steel brackets in the concrete Perma Columns for a rigid connection. All connections are designed by our registered engineer.

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Nail Laminate Posts

All Xtreme buildings utilize nail laminated wood posts. The posts are manufactured from 2" x 6" and 2" x 8" MSR southern yellow pine dimensional lumber as designed by our registered engineer. Since we use concrete Perma Columns, we do not have to use costly pressure treated wood posts and can pass that savings on to you.

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Wood Truss Framing

All Xtreme Buildings utilize heavy duty wood trusses designed at 8’0” on center. The trusses are bolted and nailed into the nail laminated wood posts for a very rigid connection as designed by our registered engineer. This rigid connection provides a great deal of support keeping your roof where it belongs during hostile weather events.

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"T" Purlins

All Xtreme Buildings utilize a “T” nailer system that braces the roof trusses while supporting the roof system. The “T” nailer system is unique to Xtreme Buildings and is an important factor in the constructability and the structural capacity of an Xtreme Building.

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Metal Skin

All Xtreme Building are clad with 29 ga. metal panels on the walls and roof with “Everlast” Omni panels in manufacturer's standard profiles and colors. We also use color-coordinated metal trims and accessories to make your building look great. The entire exterior skin of an Xtreme Building is prefinished maintenance-free so you can enjoy what you like to do.

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All Xtreme buildings provide you the option on the amount of insulation you want, from minimal to maximum thermal efficiency. You can choose MicroFoil insulated reflective barrier R-10.5 for the roof and walls. In addition, there is a 6” to 10” exterior wall cavity where you can put R-19 batt insulation or more for a composite R value of R-30 or more. Insulation options for the ceilings can provide up to R-38 in addition to the MicroFoil foam insulation at the roof line.

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All Xtreme buildings are designed right so they can be erected quickly, safely, and of course, economically. You will see the positive results on your bottom line, and your customers and friends will see that you received a quality project from Xtreme Buildings.

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Dealerships Available

If you are a builder or contractor interested in building high quality post frame buildings anywhere in the continental United States with the support of a network of engineers, manufacturers, and post frame experts, you want to be sure to talk to us.

Xtreme Buildings Co. LLC is accepting dealership inquiries from builders and contractors interested in building affordable and energy efficient post frame buildings. Xtreme Buildings we will provide you with the following:
• Sales support and materials to help you find and close your opportunities
• Engineering support with common sense designs for buildings that are economical and that will last
• Construction documentation including code review and support to assist your through the municipal
   permitting process
• Technical support to assist you to complete your post frame buildings in a way that will positively affect your
   bottom line
• Material packages that will give you a clear advantage against you competitors
• Provide you with the reputation as a Xtreme
• If you want to grow your company, what are you waiting for? Please contact us today to learn more about our
   dealership opportunities and requirements.

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